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Religious Sculpture by Avard T. Fairbanks

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Christ in Meditation

Christ in Meditation

Size: Life, Bronze

Issue: 50

Avard Fairbanks has created many pieces of Sacred Sculpture. One fine portrait is Christ in meditation. It portrays a moment of profound contemplation and concern with the negative influences affecting Him, the world and the people. This life size piece is cast in bronze.

compassionate Christ

The Compassionate Christ

Size: Life


The Angel Moroni

Bronze. Size: 1/4 Life, Bronze

Issue: 100

In his journal, Joseph Smith has described a visit from the Angel Moroni telling him of ancient records written on plates of gold. This portrayal has the Angel symbolically proclaiming to the world, with a trumpet, the account of the Book of Mormon. Avard Fairbanks was commissioned to create a colossal 18-foot statue to adorn the center spire of the Washington DC Temple. Other colossal 15-foot statues of his design were placed on the temples at Bellevue, Washington, South Jordan, Utah, at Mexico City, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. This 1/4-life-size statuette was cast from the working prototype.

Joseph Smith's First Vision

Joseph Smith's First Vision

Bronze. Size: 1/2 Life;
1/6 Life (Cultured Marble)

Issue: 100

Whoever reads the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints must have read the account of Joseph Smith and his description of his first vision. Avard Fairbanks has portrayed him as a youth with profound faith and a sincere heart, calling in prayer for answers to his perplexing questions. An heroic monument in bronze has been placed on the campus of Brigham Young University. A 1/3-life-size model has recently been cast in bronze for individual purchase.

Lehi Blessing Joseph

The Blessing of Joseph

Bronze. Size: 1/8 life, 12"

Issue: 50

In 1916 to Avard was requested to portray Lehi blessing his son Joseph. An heroic statue with two figures was modeled in clay, then finished in cast stone. It was then placed on the Temple grounds. This sculpture was the young artist's first heroic statue, yet it creates a feeling of solemnity and the sacredness of that special moment. A small replica was carefully modeled by two of the sculptor's sons about sixty five years later so that others could acquire and appreciate a representation of this fine masterpiece.

Joseph Smith,

Joseph Smith, the Prophet, Addressing the Faithful

Size: 2/5 Life, 30"

Issue: 50

Joseph Smith addressing the faithful Latter-Day Saints. Here he is portrayed in his later years, holding in his left hand the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price. In his right hand the writings of modern revelation.

Mortal Moroni

The Mortal Moroni

Bronze. Size: 1/6 Life

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