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Sculptor's Christmas Stories

A Sculptor's Christmas Story

Avard T. Fairbanks' Spirit of Christmas Through the Years

Compiled and written by Eugene F. Fairbanks, including letters and sculpture of Avard T. Fairbanks.

8.5" x 11", 204 pages. Laminated soft cover, 2014. $25.
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This profusely illustrated book relates events of the personal life of Avard T. Fairbanks in contrast to the professional demands of the sculptor, his art education, the development of his family and professional career with emphasis on sculpture and the family's Christmas season traditions. Yearly Christmas cards featuring the latest sculptural achievements were manufactured by the family and sent out. Huge snow sculptures were built in the yard during the winter. Fairbanks studied art with European masters, and taught at the university level in the United States. Approximately 160 photos of his sculpture and family.

Front cover: Madonna and Child. The portrayal of the beautiful love of the maternal bond of Mary to infant Jesus and his affectionate response. The figures are carved in Portuguese rose marble, while the base and background are carved in Carnelian marble. Photo by Daniel Fairbanks, courtesy of Madeleine Cathedral in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A Sculptor's Christmas Story was written to relate some of the interesting events of the personal life of Avard T. Fairbanks, including the caring aspects of personal life in contrast to the professional demands of the sculptor. The growth and development of the family, illustrated with drawings and photographs, further exemplifies home life and an anticipation of the benevolent endeavors, the congenial expressions, and all other efforts involving the Spirit of Christmas. The celebration of Christmas and the New Year were particularly memorable events for the Fairbanks family. A recognition of the effects of the changing times of a society and its environment are included in many descriptions and illustrations. These relate to various residences in different states and nations, adding special interest. The story also illustrates changes in modes of travel that involve horse-drawn wagons, early automobiles, trains, ships and finally aircraft.

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Avard T. Fairbanks sculpt the Madonna and Child and Christ Among the Doctors as bas relief, and subsequently used the images on Christmas cards.

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Madonna and Child bas relief Christ among the doctors bas relief

Peace Monument by Avard Fairbanks

Peace Monument, International Peace Gardens, Salt Lake City, Utah. One of Avard Fairbanks' finest monuments is a heroic statue honoring PEACE.

Christ Blessing the Children sculpt by Avard Fairbanks

Jesus Christ blessing the children The is one of two low relief panels at the Latter-Day Saint Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. It portrays Jesus Christ blessing suffering children.

Family fun building snow sculpture

Snow Buffalo. One winter a buffalo was the subject for snow sculpture. The family was having fun together. Avard and Maude are pictured with five of their sons.

Avard Fairbanks doing demonstration, modeling of Christ

Portrait of Christ. This photo was taken during a demonstration lecture.

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