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Avard T. Fairbanks garden sculpture

A Sculpture Garden of Fantasy

The imaginative fantasy garden sculpture of Avard T. Fairbanks.

This book features the fantasy sculpture of Avard T. Fairbanks and some of his students. During spare moments in the practice of medicine, Eugene composed poetry to complement his father's fantasy sculpture. Each sculpture has accompanying poem and background information.

2nd Edition, revised and redesigned for 2013. 212 pages, laminated cover. $23.00
Author still has some first edition books available, published in 2001. 200 pages, approximately 100 illustrations, soft cover. $28.00

Since Avard Fairbanks had a broad range of interests, fantasy sculpture was only one of the aspects of his prodigious creativity. "A Sculpture Garden of Fantasy" is the literary expression of a concept envisioned by the sculptor. The fantasy aspect is evident in the beautiful statuary.

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Sculpture Dawn and Morning Glories


Hail to the Dawn and the Glories of Morning,
As purple, then lavender in the eastern rim
Invade the glittering, star-studded indigo of night;
And nocturnal shades begin their westward flight.

A faint rosy tinge brightens to scarlet, then orange,
Resplendent coloration along the luminous fringe.
Golden streamers highlight the flocculated cirrus,
Flame and burnish clouds, the billowing cumulous,

Gilding stratus veils to mold a wreath of glory,
Configurative imagery recalling thoughts to memory.
What wealth could seem greater, more profoundly enjoyed,
Than this exhilarating beauty for all to behold;
As the trumpets of daybreak salute the rising sun.

DAWN AND MORNING GLORIES is a creation of fantasy for the Annual North American Flower Show in Detroit, Michigan, 1935.

The golden halo with rays represents the rising sun, while the headdress with it's radiance repeats the motif. The arousal of the children is simultaneous to the opening of the morning glories which orient their blossoms toward the sunlight. This piece was also featured in the annual sculpture exhibit at the University of Michigan and was displayed many years in the hallway by the studio in University Hall, When a move became necessary, the piece was either given away or discarded, and the present location is unknown.

Pegasus by Fairbanks Fairbanks Pegasus Fountain

Avard T. Fairbanks sculpt the Colt Pegasus. Here it is shown in place at Oakland State University, MI.

Golden Fleece by Avard Fairbanks

Helle and Phrixus and the Golden Fleece Ram, Oakland State University, MI

Hood Ornament sculpt by Fairbanks

Charging Ram, Dodge Automobile 1931

Hood Ornament sculpt by Fairbanks

Winged Mermaid, Plymouth Automobile 1931

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