Avard T. Fairbanks Art

Creating a Statuette, Avard T. Fairbanks' Method


Medals, Medallions, and Reliefs
by Avard T. Fairbanks

presented by Eugene F. Fairbanks

Award T. Fairbanks created many dozens of medals, medallions and reliefs during his long career. This book illustrates the diversity of his work, and gives some instructional information about them.

An idealistic and comprehensive definition of Art is: An Endeavor Towards Perfection. The purpose of all fine arts is a means of communication, and the finer the art, the more effective is the communication. The purpose is to render a message, an impression, or a mood to an observer and to the observing public. Relief sculpture, fortunately offers very good opportunities to present messages and transmit concepts more readily about persons, events, or emotions than free standing statuary, because there is usually a printed message or title. It can express moments in history or individual accomplishments. In addition, there is an opportunity to compose a story or explain an event with figures, symbols or by lettered words in the background or along the composition's borders.

Front cover: International Good-Will relief by Avard T. Fairbanks, one of the panels on the second set of doors (east entrance, 1931) he made for U.S. National Bank Building in Portland, Oregon.

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