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Abraham Lincoln Sculpture

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Lincoln The Frontiersman
Erected at Ewa, Hawaii
"The Will of Katherine Burke has been Probated," by Thomas I. Starr, President of the Detroit Lincoln Group.
The Creation of a Heroic Statue, by Eugene Fairbanks, has been divided and merged with the adjacent two texts to render a chronological order of events.
"Engineering in Sculpture," by Avard T. Fairbanks, Editorial Comment
"She was a Teacher," by Mr. Frank Crawford, Executor, Katherine Burke Estate
"Abraham Lincoln," by Ingram M. Stainback, Governor of the Territory of Hawaii
"Lincoln, a Heritage of Youth," by Orin E. Long, Superintendent of Department of Public Instruction
Young Lincoln, Reading The Life of George Washington
Medallion: Life of George Washington, An Inspiration To Young Lincoln
A Lincoln Statue for New Salem, Illinois
"At the Crossroads of Decision," by Thomas I. Starr
"Thomas I. Starr," adapted from articles by Alan Jenkins
"Making the Lincoln Statue for New Salem," by Avard T. Fairbanks
Diagrams of a Waste Mold
"The Resolute Lincoln," by Louis A. Warren
"The Dedication," by Bryant S. Hinckley
The Chicago Lincoln, Erected at Lincoln Square, Chicago North Side, Illinois.
"The Making of a Lincoln Statue," by Avard T. Fairbanks
"Lincoln Memorial, Once a Dream: How a Statue Becomes a Reality," by Robert Lerner
"The Chicago Lincoln: A Chance to Portray Liberty," by Avard T. Fairbanks
Diagrams of a Piece Mold
Lincoln The Friendly Neighbor
Erected at The Lincoln Federal Savings and Loan Association, Berwyn, Illinois
"Lincoln the Friendly Neighbor," by Avard T. Fairbanks
The Enduring Lincoln
Erected at The Lincoln Federal Savings and Loan Association, Berwyn, Illinois
"Was Lincoln A Conservative Or A Liberal?" by Dr. William W. Haggard 80
Memorials To The Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Erected at Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois.
"Convocation Address," by Bruce Catton, Author and Editor of American Heritage
"Stephen A. Douglas," by Paul H. Douglas, United States Senator, State of Illinois 95
Portrait Of Carl Sandburg, Author, Poet, and Lincoln Historian
The Four Ages of Abraham Lincoln, Heroic Portrait Busts in Marble Placed in the Ford Theater Museum, Washington, DC
Lincoln the Youth
Lincoln the Frontiersman
Lincoln the Lawyer (later moved to the Temple of Justice, Supreme Court Building)
Lincoln the President
"The Face of Abraham Lincoln," by Avard T. Fairbanks
Color Plates
Lincoln The Legislator, Colossal Portrait in Portuguese Rose Marble
Lincoln of The Gettysburg Address, Portrait Bust Placed at Lincoln Junior High School, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Abraham Lincoln (a young frontiersman), Colossal Portrait Bust in Bronze, Erected at The Lincoln High School, Seattle, Washington.
Albert Woolson, Last Survivor of The Grand Army of The Republic, Portrait and Heroic Monument Erected at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
"A Significant Memorial to the Last Man," Lincoln Herald
"Heroes of Equal Greatness," editorial by Robert L. Kincaid for the Lincoln Herald
The Charger, An Award Designed for Chevrolet Automobile Company, 1963
Nancy Hanks Lincoln, A Sculptor's Concept of Abraham Lincoln's Mother
Resources For Sculptors
Life Mask and Cast of Hands Made by Leonard Volk
"The Life Masks and Hands of Abraham Lincoln," by Avard Fairbanks
Life Mask Made by Clark Mills during the Presidency
Additional Material Resources of Lincolniana, including Museums, Libraries, and Historical Societies
Lincoln Related Bookstores and Book Dealers
The Life and Works of Avard T. Fairbanks, Sculptor
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