Avard T. Fairbanks Art

Internationally renowned for historical monuments and classic works of art, Avard Tennyson Fairbanks was one of America's finest sculptors of the 20th century.

He spent more than 80 years in a constant quest to study, experience and master the arts. From a motherless youth in Utah to studying in Paris, France, he rose from obscurity to receive international acclaim and recognition.

In return, he devoted many years to teaching and contributing to students, family and community. His passion was preserving historical events, capturing tender life experiences, and portraying the innate nobility of man.

We now offer nine SCULPTURE BOOKS chronicling his life, his sculpture, his methods, and his career. One more is in the process of being produced.

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Avard T. Fairbanks carving a colossal portrait of Lincoln
A man of dedication and passion, Avard T. Fairbanks contributed an inspirational legacy of sculpture and artwork to the world. Timeless works of edification and hope, his monuments grace our public lands and private homes.

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